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2004-2005 Board of Education Priorities & Staff Action Steps: Denver Apartments

2004-2005 Board of Education Priorities & Staff Action Steps:

Recruit, support, and retain high quality teachers, administrators, and other district employees for all levels at DPS.
Action Steps:

  • Establish an annual budget and staffing process that supports a competitive teacher recruitment process.
  • Conduct a market survey regarding full-time and substitute teachers and other personnel, including administrative staffing.
  • Aggressively pursue the merger between DPSRS and PERA.
  • Design and implement infrastructure for ProComp, including new technology requirements, student growth measures, knowledge and skills requirements, market incentives, and evaluation.
  • Implement a new administrative evaluation model.
  • Recruit and hire qualified teachers and principals who better reflect the diversity of our student population and can meet the unique needs of new school models.
  • Make changes to ensure more equitable distribution of highly qualified and experienced teachers across the district.
Develop a plan to reform and restructure secondary schools to improve student achievement, close the learning gap, and increase the graduation rate.
Action Steps:
  • Review, revise (as needed), and approve Secondary Reform Commissions recommendations.
  • Develop a timeline and action plan to implement approved recommendations.
  • Address textbook needs at the secondary level.
Improve the performance and image of the district through a responsive, customer-oriented, user friendly organizational culture.

Action Steps:

  • Develop a marketing plan aimed at promoting the district as well as individual schools.
  • Utilize Principals' Advisory Council and other groups to offer recommendations to district departments to improve customer service and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Develop information to facilitate understanding among Board members and the public of DPS's financial condition.
  • Challenge departments to more efficiently and effectively meet customer needs.
  • Develop a process to survey students and staff who are leaving the district about their perceptions of DPS.
Provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students and staff.
Action Steps:

  • Expand after school programming.
  • Continue implementation and refinement of the district's Emergency Response and Crisis Response Plan in coordination with public safety organizations.
  • Utilize the aspects of the character education model that emphasize strong learning cultures to foster environments of shared learning and best practices in an increasing number of schools.
Establish consistency in curricula across the district through continued implementation of Denver's Literacy and Mathematics Programs and other subject areas and grade levels.
Action Steps:

  • Expand implementation of Denver's Literacy and Mathematics Programs, in collaboration with teachers and principals, to include interim assessments of progress and a clearly defined teacher objective setting process.
  • Expand implementation of a consistent curriculum to the following high school courses: biology, American History, American Literature, Introduction of Literature and Composition, and geometry.
  • Ensure that English language learners are held to the same high content and performance standards as other district students.
  • Ensure that schools have the textbooks needed to implement new instructional initiatives.
Develop a plan to expand choice and begin implementation with the goals of increasing achievement and satisfaction and growing district enrollment.
Action Steps:

  • Develop a near term and long term strategic plan to implement the Board of Education resolution on choice.
  • Initiate necessary changes to improve middle schools, including different grade configurations.
  • Ensure that the revitalization process results in high performing schools that meet community needs.
  • Intervene in schools that are unsatisfactory or otherwise failing to meet state, federal, or district accountability guidelines.
  • Implement multiple indicators of student and school success, including "value added" measures of student achievement.

Source from Denver Public Schools

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