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Dramatically situated 1.6km (one mile) above sea level on the Colorado Plains, with the Rocky Mountains soaring to 4,200m (14,000ft) in the background, Denver, known as 'the Mile High City', lies at the geographical centre of America, midway between Mexico and Canada. It is a major transport hub where highways and railways converge and its international airport has become a focus of worldwide trade. In-comers make up over 60% of the population, attracted by the lack of crowds, friendly people, a good lifestyle and a mild climate. With over 300 days of bright sunshine each year, Denver outshines San Diego and Miami Beach.

Perhaps it's the gorgeous climate that makes Denver such an affable place: In fall, the air is crisp and dry; winter sees plenty of sun, as well as dazzling snows; spring brings skies the color of a robin's egg. Unless there are tall buildings in the way, you can orient yourself by the towering mountains to the West. By and large, Denverites tend to smile if you catch their eye; waitstaff in restaurants are helpful and friendly. Denver may be increasingly gaining a big city ambience, but it still has a hometown feel.

At the heart of Denver, the tree-lined red and grey granite, pedestrian shopping area of 16th Street is dominated by the D&F Tower, a 990m (325ft) replica of the campanile of St Mark's in Venice. On sunny days, people sit around the fountains or at the pavement cafés, chatting and watching the street performers.

At night, the buzz continues, because everything remains open late. A few miles southeast, on Speer Boulevard, serious shoppers visit Cherry Creek with more than 400 shops and boutiques, including the famous Tattered Cover Bookstore, where readers can browse all day, relaxing on sofas and drinking coffee.

Denver is expanding at a phenomenal pace. Since 1990, the city's population has increased by nearly 30%, making it the 20th largest metro area in the country. Denver's commitment to the arts is no less impressive. The Denver Art Museum will also double in size, with the construction of a spectacular new wing. Meanwhile, the land at the former Stapleton Airport is undergoing redevelopment, with new housing and a 32-hectare (80-acre) urban park that will be Denver's largest.
Originally the centre of entertainment for the roughnecks of the West, Denver's first permanent building was a saloon. The tradition continues in the countless brewpubs and microbreweries in LoDo. However, although Denver residents may have some of the best beer in the country, they do not overindulge. Denver is the 'thinnest' city in America, with less than half of Colorado adults being overweight. The active lifestyle, the abundance of sunshine and the outstanding sporting and outdoor facilities must play a part.

With five big-league sports teams, football, basketball, baseball, soccer and ice hockey, Denver also can claim to be 'Sports Town USA'. As well as the many parks, the city has two beautiful stretches of paved bike paths, along Cherry Creek and along the South Platte River. Beyond the city, Colorado's National Forests provide miles of wilderness areas for camping, back packing and exploring, while in the Rocky Mountains there is skiing from November to June, as well as opportunities for hiking and mountain biking.

Enjoy the trendy downtown scene, stroll among the dignified civic structures surrounding the capitol building, explore Denver's diversified neighborhoods and feel the pulse of the city's history beneath the brick.

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